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Migration to 10.0.0

This guide describes all breaking changes introduced with v10.0.0.

pollForQueryResponse returns response as string (#1285)

  • replace oldResult.decode with new Buffer(newResult).
  • replace oldResult.response with TxBuilderHelper.encode(new Buffer(newResult), 'or'').

removed skipArgsConvert option of contract call and deployment (6d4a599)

Convert arguments in intermediate Sophia representation to JavaScript types. For example:

contract.methods.listFn('[1, 2]', { skipArgsConvert: false })
rewrite to
contract.methods.listFn([1, 2])

removed skipTransformDecoded option of contract call and deployment (bb49239)

Decoding to JavaScript types is enforced, please use it instead.

ak_ addresses are not accepted as hashes, bytes, and signatures anymore (cbaac62)

Encode addresses as an ak_-prefixed string instead.

removed contractEncodeCall (a4b303f)

Use contractEncodeCallDataAPI instead.

removed contractDecodeData (5df2285)

Use contractDecodeCallResultAPI instead.

removed setOptions on contract instance (b88e767)

Pass them through getContractInstance options instead.

contractCallStatic, contractCall, contractDeploy are deprecated now (c4ec019)

Use getContractInstance instead. Also, these methods will accept JavaScript-type variables instead of Sophia-encoded. For example:

sdk.contractCallStatic(source, address, methodName, ['42'])
should be replaced with
sdk.contractCallStatic(source, address, methodName, [42])

dropped compatibility with [email protected] (f9cef12)

Use compiler 6.0.0 and above.

invert and rename forceCodeCheck option to validateBytecode in getContractInstance (72122fa)

Use validateBytecode when you need to ensure that the source code/bytecode provided to getContractInstance corresponds to the on-chain bytecode.

removed getConsensusProtocolVersion method (75f0447)

Use node.consensusProtocolVersion instead.

switched to @aeternity/aepp-calldata package (#1313)

Numbers in Sophia are not limited in size. Before they were returned from contract methods as usual JavaScript numbers that have limited accuracy. To fix this, we make it return instances of BigInt.

Variant types are now supported by sdk, so replace "RelativeTTL(50)" with { RelativeTTL: [50] }. As an exception Some(value) is converted to the exact value in JavaScript and None is converted to undefined (Sophia's option type).

Contract methods will accept/return instances of JavaScript's Map as variables of Sophia's map type. Objects are not accepted as maps any longer.

Sophia's hash, signature, bytes types return values as Uint8Array instead of a hex-encoded string.

Check the documentation of calldata package for additional info.

Use .decodedResult instead of .decode() to get the result of method call.

Most of the errors thrown by contract iterations will be different due to doing validation using calldata package instead of joi.

pass source in options of sdk.getContractInstance (5c690d2)

For example:

sdk.getContractInstance(contractSource, { contractAddress: '...' })
rewrite to
sdk.getContractInstance({ source: contractSource, contractAddress: '...' })

Contract instance can be generated by ACI and bytecode:

sdk.getContractInstance({ aci, bytecode })
SDK won't use hosted compiler in this case.

Also, contract.compiled was renamed to contract.bytecode.

additional options of getContractInstance accepted as usual ones (10fb7ba)

For example, replace

sdk.getContractInstance({ source, opt: { ttl: 1 } })
sdk.getContractInstance({ source, ttl: 1 })

drop compatibility with es5 (#1331)

To support old environments, you need to set up transpilation of SDK package while building your app. In Webpack it can be done by excluding node_modules folder except for this package in babe-loader rule. In @vue/cli you can use transpileDependencies option.

removed primitives for encryption/decryption by keypairs (#1183)

Use third-party cryptographic packages instead of Crypto.encryptData, Crypto.decryptData methods.

aensUpdate accepts pointers as object (f6b8999)

For example, replace

sdk.aensUpdate('test.chain', ['ak_2519mBsgjJEVEFoRgno1ryDsn3BEaCZGRbXPEjThWYLX9MTpmk'])
sdk.aensUpdate('test.chain', {
  account_pubkey: 'ak_2519mBsgjJEVEFoRgno1ryDsn3BEaCZGRbXPEjThWYLX9MTpmk'
Additionally, getDefaultPointerKey (was named classify before) helper function can be used
import { getDefaultPointerKey } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'

const address = 'ak_2519mBsgjJEVEFoRgno1ryDsn3BEaCZGRbXPEjThWYLX9MTpmk'
sdk.aensUpdate('test.chain', { [getDefaultPointerKey(address)]: address })