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PayingForTx (Meta-Transactions)


This guide explains you how to perform a PayingForTx (also known as meta-transaction) using the SDK.

It is a very powerful and efficient solution that is crucial for onboarding new users into you ecosystem. By making use of the PayingForTx you will be able to cover the fees of your users.

How it works

Typically somebody that you want to pay the transaction for (e.g. a new user of your decentralized aepp) signs the inner transaction (e.g. of type ContractCallTx) with a specific signature that is used for inner transactions.

You can then collect the signed inner transaction, wrap it into a PayingForTx and broadcast it to the network.

Usage examples

We provided following two NodeJS examples which you can take a look at:


  • A PayingForTx can wrap any kind of other transaction type supported by the protocol as inner transaction.


  • Game developers that want to quickly onboard new users.
  • Governance aepps that want people to vote on important proposals without having them to pay anything.
  • Custodians that want to offer an additional services to cover the transaction fees of their clients.
  • ... many more!