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Migration to 12.0.0

This guide describes all breaking changes introduced with v12.0.0.


Universal, RpcAepp, RpcWallet, Ae stamps are removed

Use AeSdk, AeSdkAepp, AeSdkWallet, AeSdbBase accordingly. For example:

-import { Universal } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'
+import { AeSdk } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'

-const aeSdk = await Universal(options)
+const aeSdk = new AeSdk(options)

Node, RpcClient, BrowserWindowMessage classes are using private fields

Accessing private fields through Proxy will lead to "TypeError: attempted to set private field on non-instance" (tc39). This may be an issue if you are using aepp-sdk with Vue@3, because Vue@3 introduced reactivity based on Proxy class (Vue docs). Avoid the above error by not making instances of these classes reactive.

all combined exports are inlined (require('@aeternity/aepp-sdk').generateKeyPair())

Import the needed utils directly instead of importing a wrapper object firstly. For example:

-import { Crypto } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'
+import { generateKeyPair } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'


AccountBase and inheritors are classes now

Use new to create an instance.

ChainNode, Contract, Oracle, Aens, GeneralizedAccount stamps not exported

Their methods exported instead. Outside of AeSdkBase context, they may accept onAccount, onNode, onCompiler options.

Node and Compiler

Node, Compiler (previously ContractCompilerHttp) are classes instead of a stamps

For example:

import { Node } from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk'

-const node = await Node({ url, ignoreVersion: false })
+const node = new Node(url, { ignoreVersion: false })

Node, Compiler doesn't check version on the first request instead of init

Don't handle new Node(...) and new Compiler(...) as a Promise.

getNetworkId returns a promise

getNetworkId ignores force option

So, it would throw exception in case networkId is not provided. Use try/catch instead.

api is removed in Node

Use node.getBalance instead of node.api.getBalance.

static properties are removed in Node

Use node.getStatus() or node.getNodeInfo() to get values of version, revision, genesisHash, nodeNetworkId, consensusProtocolVersion.

Node returns BigInts for coin amount fields instead of string or number

Node not accepts internalUrl

Node doesn't accepts and stores internalUrl, also internal endpoints are not available anymore. If necessary, create a wrapper of internal API separately (swagger-client package).

removed mempool method in Node

Create a wrapper of internal API by genSwaggerClient and use getPendingTransactions method instead.

compilerVersion is removed in Compiler

Use compilerApi.aPIVersion() method instead.

setCompilerUrl changes compiler URL in sync

Don't handle aeSdk.setCompilerUrl(...) as a Promise.

methods of Compiler requires options object according to their specification

methods of Compiler returns and accepts keys named in camelCase instead of snake_case

Transaction builder

removed methods to generate a transaction of specific type

Use aeSdk.buildTx(txType, params) instead.

removed ability to generate transaction on the node side

Use aeSdk.buildTx(txType, params) instead.

nonce, ttl, gas decoded and accepted as numbers instead of strings

gas renamed to gasLimit

Use gasLimit instead of gas everywhere except for transaction details returned by node.

unpackTx not accepting transaction as Buffer, only as tx-encoded string

Use unpackTx(encode(tx, 'tx')) instead.

unpackTx doesn't have binary field in result

Use require('rlp').decode(unpackTx(tx).rlpEncoded) instead.

encode: since the prefix is evaluated by the type itself the required prefix parameter

is no more accepted For example:

-decode('cb_DA6sWJo=', 'cb')

calculateMinFee returns BigNumber instead of string

Fee helpers not exported anymore (BASE_GAS, GAS_PER_BYTE, KEY_BLOCK_INTERVAL,

TX_FEE_BASE_GAS, TX_FEE_OTHER_GAS, calculateFee, DEFAULT_FEE) Use a general calculateMinFee instead.

buildRawTx, calculateTtl not exported anymore

Use a general buildTx method instead.

TX_TYPE mapped to tag (number) instead of string

Always use TX_TYPE. To get type name by tag use TX_TYPE[tag].

OBJECT_ID_TX_TYPE not exported anymore

Use TX_TYPE[tag] instead.


Use TX_SCHEMA[TX_TYPE.*] instead.

Transaction schemas doesn't contain tag anymore

Use OBJECT_ID_TX_TYPE to find tag by transaction type.


computeBidFee accepts startFee, increment as options

NAME_BID_TIMEOUTS not exposed anymore

Use computeAuctionEndBlock function instead.

computeAuctionEndBlock accepts and returns height as number

removed ensureNameValid

Use a TypeScript check instead.

name.update, name.revoke doesn't accept address in onAccount

Pass an instance of AccountBase to onAccount option instead.


extendOracleTtl accepts oracle ttl in oracleTtlType and oracleTtlValue fields

Use oracleTtlType field instead of type, and oracleTtlValue field instead of value.

decode method of getQueryObject removed

Use decode function instead.


createAensDelegationSignature first argument not an object

contractId accepted as the first argument, name should be passed as option to the second one.

createOracleDelegationSignature first argument not an object

contractId accepted as the first argument, queryId should be passed as option to the second one.

call arguments in createGeneralizedAccount is required

Pass an empty array if you need no arguments.

filesystem option renamed to fileSystem

Contract instance doesn't accept address in onAccount

It should be an instance of AccountBase instead.


removed balance method

Use getBalance instead.

removed tx method

Use node.getTransactionByHash/getTransactionInfoByHash instead.

removed getTxInfo method

Use node.getTransactionInfoByHash instead.


getAccountNonce removed

Use node.getAccountNextNonce instead.

AeSdk doesn't accept array of accounts

Use aeSdk.addAccount method instead.

destroyInstance method removed

It wasn't doing anything, just remove it's usages.

NodePool is removed

Use AeSdkBase or AeSdk instead.

AccountMultiple is removed

Use AeSdk instead.

DENOMINATION_MAGNITUDE not exposed anymore

It is intended for internal use only.

The result of unpackTx returned instead of TxObject

In txObject option of onSign handler on wallet side. In tx field of contract call result.

validateKeyObj removed

Rely on TypeScript checks instead.

deriveKeyUsingArgon2id removed

Use argon2-browser package instead.

removed extra implementation of getAddressFromPriv in keystore

Use Crypto.getAddressFromPriv instead.

genSwaggerClient removed

Use swagger-client package instead.

Aepp Wallet communication

BrowserRuntimeConnection, BrowserWindowMessageConnection are classes

Create instances using new.

ContentScriptBridge, WalletDetector rewrited to plain functions

Use connectionProxy, walletDetector accordingly.

RpcClient: removed origin property

Use connection property instead.

RpcClient: sendMessage is a private method

Use request or notify instead.

RpcClient: handlers parameter is removed

Provide a methods parameter instead of handlers[0]. Provide an onDisconnect parameter instead of handlers[1].

RpcClient: doesn't contain aepp info anymore

Get aepp info in onConnection callback, and store somehow to use later.

RpcClient: doesn't contain networkId anymore

On wallet side: assume that all aepps uses the same network as the wallet connected to. On aepp side: use networkId that wallet provided. In case networkId is not compatible ask user to switch wallet to a compatible network.

RPC helpers are not exposed anymore (isInIframe, sendMessage, getHandler, message,

responseMessage, sendResponseMessage, isValidAccounts) Use own implementation if needed.


connectToWallet accepts wallet connection as the first argument

See for details.

disconnectWallet runs in sync and sendDisconnect arg removed

So, aepp would always send closeConnection notification.

sendConnectRequest removed

Use connectToWallet instead.

doesn't accept connection anymore

Use connectToWallet method instead.

removed isConnected, isSubscribedAccount methods

Detect is aepp connected by persistence of rpcClient property.

signMessage returns Buffer by default

Use returnHex option to get the previous behaviour.


BrowserRuntimeConnection requires port parameter

Pass require('webextension-polyfill').runtime.connect() to it.

requires id, type in params

id should be a unique string; type should be one of WALLET_TYPE.window, WALLET_TYPE.extension.

getBrowserAPI helper removed

Use webextension-polyfill package instead.

shareWalletInfo accepts rpc client id instead of callback

For example:

const connection = new BrowserRuntimeConnection({ port })
+const rpcClientId = aeSdk.addRpcClient(connection)

shareNode argument in accept callback of onConnection removed

Just deny the connection if you don't want to share the node url.

can't handle specific set of accounts for an app

If you need this feature, create a custom wallet implementation or fill us an issue.

txObject parameter of onSign callback is removed

Use unpackTx(tx) on wallet side instead.

rpcClients in wallet is not exposed anymore

This expected to be used only internally.

onDisconnect callback on wallet side accepts client id instead of RpcClient

Use sdk.rpcClient[clientId] to get the corresponding instance of RpcClient.

wallet can't selectively notify aepps about selecting/adding account

If you need this feature, create a custom wallet implementation or fill us an issue.

wallet can't provide metadata for accounts

If you need this feature, create a custom wallet implementation or fill us an issue.

removed action.accept in permission callbacks

Return the value you passed to accept instead.

removed action.deny in permission callbacks

Throw instances of RpcRejectedByUserError instead.

callbacks accept client id, params, and origin